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Why Choose doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly beneficial when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. You can find them in most supermarts, online and in some gas stations. However it’s quite hard to decide on the best brand to use due to the wide price ranges. There tend to be numerous options out there making it hard for those sparked their attention for the first time on essential oils. The varying prices among such essential oils makes many to search and gather some interesting finds. When it comes to essential oils the FDA doesn’t have regulations on them. Although some essential oils have terms in their bottle as 100% pure it might not be. This raises the need to dig deeper and find a company you can trust for pure essential oils. doTERRA essential oils tend to be among the highly preferred brand due to a number of reasons which includes the following.

Testing. Each bottle of doTERRA essential oils goes through eight different tests before being sold. These tests proves the essential oil is pure, free of additives as well as ensuring a long shelf life. In addition there is a number on the bottom of every bottle which you can enter and get to view test results from a third party independent lab. This means that you are very certain that the essential oils are pure which gives you a peace of mind while using them since you will get your desired results.

Certified pure therapeutic grade. Another major reason is doTERRA oils being certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) which means that they are made with no added fillers, synthetic ingredients or even harmful contaminants in their essential oils that would highly reduce their efficiency. The fact that essential oils are derived from natural plants there tend to be some brands that add other ingredients that are harmful. This makes it worthy first researching to find out which have been used and have yielded positive results. You can determine this and make the best brand selection by reading customers reviews as it will help in knowing which brand to trust and use.

Organic. doTERRA essential oils tend also to be organic which is highly important to the customers. It’s good to note that essential oils are very powerful, potent as well as concentrated. For instance it takes approximately 45 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. Since lemon oil comes from the peel of the fruit there can be a high number of chemicals in that bottle if the lemons were not organic. It’s for this reason that you have to go for essential oils that are pure organic since this also adds to their effective performance.

Sourcing. Last thing that makes doTERRA essential oils the best option is the way they are sourced. All of the plants used to get such essential oils are grown in their natural environments and picked at peak harvest time which makes them more effective. In addition they partner with farmers all around the world thereby supporting their businesses so they are in a position of offering the purest and most effective essential oils to buy.

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